As an experienced and certified life coach with a solid foundation of NLP and Hypnotherapy, I help amazing MAMA’s just like you to CHASE THEIR DREAMS OF A BETTER AND MORE FULFILLING LIFE for themselves and their families in 3 key areas:

To honour themselves beyond simple self care ... I’m talking deeper than the occasional bubble bath and a rare night out! I am talking about FULLY EMBRACING THE MULTIFACETED YOU in ALL its GREATNESS! I’m talking about the spiritual you, the emotional you, the physical you, the awakening you, you rebellious badass you!

To ditch LACK in all its forms, in all areas of your life, and REACH FOR ABUNDANCE instead… of love, of money, of adventure, of fun, of connection, of sex, of cake … an abundance of all the things awaits you, if you are ready to choose to take a nibble (or fucking massive bite!) without a care in the world about the calories!

To BALANCE ALL THE THINGS WITHOUT OVERWHELM. By saying YES to chasing your dreams, you will take on a few more things, but you can equally ditch and delegate some of the less tasty things along the way. Life is all about balance and as women, especially mothers, we don’t realise the importance of that until we’ve been so out of whack for so long, we’re too frazzled to see the beauty of give AND TAKE!

I offer 1:1 coaching via FB Messenger or WhatsApp. 

This really works for me and it really works for my clients as it allows not only thinking time, but takes away that self conscious feeling many feel when face to face or on video, which can hold you back from truly letting go and being totally truthful with yourself, which leads to you getting less out of the coaching relationship - and I want you to get the best from it! 

I like to think of my coaching sessions like conversations with your truest, most uplifting friend ... but one who also keeps you grounded and kicks butt when necessary!

My sessions are 60 to 90 minutes in length and completely guided by where and what you want to focus on, and my intuitive follow up as an experienced and certified life coach with additional knowledge of NLP and Hypnotherapy. I also hold a BSc(Hons) in Psychology which is where this all started … my fascination with people and positive change.

Sessions are held on weekdays only. If a weekend session is preferred please book directly with me and please be aware there is a premium rate charge for this.

My approach is very straight forward, action-based, with a hint of spiritual growth. I have a strong ambitious energy that is grounded in choice and self awareness, and that is what I embody when I coach my wonderful clients. 

I do set ‘homework’ during our sessions and it is on you to complete these exercises and actions before our next session … it is you that wants change, that is why you have come to me, and whilst I am here to help and guide you, I cannot do the work for you. 

Only you can make the changes BUT I will be right there beside you along the way - cheering you on, picking you up when you stumble and celebrating like a badass when you achieve each goal or outcome (no matter how small) towards the life you crave.

Everything is super confidential and I am proud to hold space for you on your journey towards your Full Potential and epic growth. I am excited that I am allowed to walk the path of growth in some amazing directions with some amazing women. For that I am truly blessed and totally stoked!

A little word of warning … If you haven’t noticed (but I am sure you have!) I do swear, sometimes ALOT, so if this makes you uncomfortable in any way, I am NOT the coach for you. I’m proud of my Marmite-like authenticity and it is why I resonate so strongly with the women I attract with my energy … and if that’s not you, thats ok, and I hope you find the right coach for you soon.

Your FIRST SESSION is FREE and limited to 60 minutes. 

After this, it is a straightforward fee of £100 for 3 sessions.

I recommend 3x weekly 60-90minute sessions and then a week for you to really take action on what we've covered per month. However, if you prefer your sessions fortnightly spaced or even monthly spaced, this can be accommodated, just let me know how you want your sessions to go.

All requested weekend sessions incur an additional £25 premium rate fee per session.

Your first session is FREE to allow us both to decide whether I can help you with what you crave, whether we are a good match to get the best results, and to experience my approach hands-on! You have obligation to purchase further coaching at the end of this FREE session, however only 1 FREE session will be available to you per year ... so BE READY TO COMMIT OR WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE READY to book yours!


I DO NOT do single sessions (beyond the free one!) because I believe the best results come from setting outcomes and being intentional with time and efforts across a minimum of 3 sessions.

Some boundaries to be aware of around my fees:

  • Payment in full is required 48 hours prior to the first paid session, otherwise your appointment is cancelled and the onus is on you to rearrange if you still desire it.
  • All no-shows, and last minute cancellations will be charged for, however I know life likes to throw spanners around, so contact me more than 48 hours before our scheduled session if you need to rearrange without losing out in any way.
  • Payment via Paypal upon receipt of invoice.
  • I do not offer discounts because you're already getting fucking epic value, and 15 years of experience and knowledge, for a bloody great price!


If you have any questions, or you can’t find a suitable date or time using the link above, email me at: 


Have a great day and I look forward to working with you on you soon! 

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