7 Reasons Why you should HIRE ME as your COACH

I could give you tons of reasons why you should work with me as your coach, but here are my top 7. (And if you're wondering why 7, well, that’s just my power number!)

1. I listen. To your past experiences, your current situation, and your future vision. To your passions, goals, and wildest desires. To your problems, to your wins, and to your knowledge. To everything you want to tell me and to the things you aren’t. And I am patient. I give you time to formulate your words, allow realisations to sink in, for plans to come to fruition, and for the results to come in. 

2. I am honest and have no time for sugar-coating it for you. If you want to be pussy-footed around, find someone else. If you want direct (yet tactful) honesty and can cope with a smattering of expletives (yes, I swear … a lot … get over it!), then I might be the coach for you.

3. I will call you out on your shit! I am here to help YOU get the results YOU want in life, and if you try to fob me off with excuses, laziness or anything else because you haven’t done the work necessary to get closer to living your dreams I will draw your attention to it. If you want to stop yourself from reaching your goals and living the Life you Love, that’s fine, but don’t involve me in that. I've got shit to do with people who want to make positive changes in their life and are committed to getting their best results EVER!

4. But I'm empathetic and understand the craziness of life too. As a mum of 2 little ones, a good wife and a self-employed business-growing woman, I know what busy looks like. I know the demands on your time can outnumber the hours in a day but I also know what’s important and focus on those things first - quality family time and helping wonderful women create greatness. I can share with you how you can too - if you choose me as your coach.

5. I'm real. I have quirks, broken bits, and a bit of a past too. I know what the dark parts of life look like from experience. I know what it’s like to have to rebuild yourself from the ground up. Not only have I fought depression (including most recently, postnatal depression), crippling anxiety, and the lifelong effects of bullying, I was left to cope with panic disorder following a breakdown in 2008. I couldn’t leave the house without having a soul-crushing panic attack (or several) and I had to have someone with me at all times, just in case, even if I was just nipping to Sainsbury’s for some milk. But I got help and I helped myself through personal development. Now I get the pleasure to help other women to grow from the ground up and bloom like the beautiful flowers that they are using some of the same techniques I tested first on myself.

6. I am as dedicated to your success as you are - maybe more so. I want you to succeed and I will do whatever it takes (within reason and with your permission) to help you get you the results you desire and deserve - except of course, doing the work for you! When I sign on with a new client you get 110% from me from the very first moment we connect until you’ve achieved all you set out to. I’ll celebrate your wins, help you accept the failures, and help you change tactics going forward.

7. I only work with women who are dedicated and determined to create and live the life they love. Life is too short for time wasters and maybe-baby’s. If I don’t think you are ready for coaching or I don’t feel we will work well together, I will tell you straight out. Some “coaches” would take your money anyway but I won’t. If I am all in, I need you to be too otherwise the coaching process won’t work.

As if you need another reason why I am the coach for you, here’s a bonus reason: I am bloody fantastic value for money - and you know it! I could charge you thousands£$ but I don’t because I believe we all deserve a shot at a better future and you shouldn’t have to give up on your dreams or get into shitloads of debt because you cannot afford the coaching fees you need to get the results you want in less time than going it alone.
But just because I don’t charge £$£$’s, it doesn’t mean you’ll get shit coaching. I offer personalised high-quality value-driven coaching (I think all my freebies and books I’ve written show you that! As well as proving I know my stuff 😃) to ambitious women who are committed to making positive changes in their lives for themselves and their loved ones. As I said above, I give 110% to ALL my clients from the very first contact and all I ask in return is you do the same.

If you want to discuss coaching with me further or if you need even more information about coaching with me, email me direct HERE.

7 Reasons Why you should HIRE ME as your COACH

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