Are you in touch with your True Self?

Do you act in alignment with your wants, needs, and desires every day?

For many, the answer is sadly no.

In the busyness and chaos of every day life, we tend to lose ourselves and rarely make the conscious effort to reward ourselves for our hard work, celebrate our achievements, and invest in ourselves and our future. 

There are many reasons why we lose touch with our True Selves, but here are the top 3 I see on regular basis as a coach:

1. We put everyone else first - caregivers, mums & empathic's this one’s aimed at you. We have the mistaken belief that we are not important and that taking time for ourselves is indulgent and selfish. So we focus on others until we have nothing left for ourselves, and the neglect cycle begins. On a deeper level, there may also be feelings of unworthiness, scars from bullying, or fear of being yourself in case we are judges or criticised by others.

2. We aren’t keeping up with our evolution. We are constantly changing; constantly growing, and if we are stuck in a past mindset or fail to recognise these changes within ourselves and outside ourselves, a misalignment with our True Self can occur. They can be big external changes like divorce, death, or job loss. Or they can be more internal such as feeling changes towards a loved one, mindset growth or greater self awareness.

3. We have lost connection to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This could be due the constant availability of distractions such as television, food technology addiction and FOMO, or as a result of something more serious such as depression and addictions. Instead of facing the real emotions or feelings we are having for whatever reason, we reach for our phones or cake or booze to take our minds off it. So we never allow ourselves to know how we are really feeling, suppressing our growth and our potential.

The great news is we can break the neglect cycle whenever we choose. We can spend some time investing ourselves and reconnecting with our True Selves so we can go forward in alignment to greater things and increased happiness.

What will you do today to connect with your True Self?

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The Top 3 Reasons Why we Fail to Connect with our True Self

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