I love washing up.
Not the action of washing up ... no, that sucks completely and is still the punishment I avoided most as a teenager.
But I do love the spark of creativity that comes when I can avoid it no longer.
Some of my best ideas, clearest game plans, and random ponderings recently have been in the almost-childfree moments when I'm up to my elbows in hot soapy water and dirty saucepans. 
But it's not just washing up that can spark creativity and open your mind to solutions for problems. ANY chore works, as does walking, running and anything else where your motor skills are on full throttle autopilot allowing your mind free to wander. 
When you don't have to think about what or how to do a task, your brain is free. The mundane tasks allow freedom of thought, allowing flights of fancy and dreams to form. It is during these moments that your future vision can reveal itself, your true life purpose can shine bright, and your passions can come to the forefront.
So, next time you are standing at the sink or pushing the hoover round the lounge, embrace the freedom of thought that comes with these tedious tasks. When you realise how much your creativity soars, your problem solving capabilities surge and your clarity of thoughts becomes HD, you’ll start to look forward to these once-hated chores - and you’ll have a cleaner house as a result. Double win!
Boost Creativity and Problem Solving with CHORES!

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