Last year I went to a seminar. One I had been looking forward to for a few months. I had missed a previous session due to a date clash so my anticipation was high. I signed in, grabbed my name badge and workbook and excitedly took my seat, ready to begin. 

... I left after 2 hours. Turning my back on not only the afternoon session, but the whole 2nd day.

Why?! I hear you asking. Was I sick or feeling under the weather? No. I was feeling fine. Was I not feeling comfortable in the surroundings? No. The hotel was rather lovely and the most of the people around me seemed nice and as excited as myself. Was I not learning anything? No. I learned some interesting things that morning.

Then why did you not stay? You ask, confused.

Simple. It just wasn't my cup of tea. It wasn't resonating with me.

Personal preferences are very important to your personal development journey, and I was very aware of my own that day.


You may have been on your personal development journey for a while now and you have probably found things you love and work for you. You've probably found some things you don’t like and don’t work for you too.

And, if you're just starting out, you WILL find things that other people love but you don't. And that's ok. 

My personal development journey started out with Tony Robbins’ ‘Awaken the Giant Within’. It was recommended by a leading female politician who said it was the ‘one book that had changed her life’. High praise, I thought, and quickly got my hands on a copy. I loved it. But years later, I'm no longer a fan. What once resonated so well with me, now feels wordy, heavy, and unnecessarily complicated. I no longer see Tony Robbins as a massive influence on my personal development because I have exposed myself to many more books, videos, podcasts, seminars etc and found 'better' things for me. Don't get me wrong, I still think he's an amazing man and I would love to attend a live seminar with him, but he is not my 'go-to guy'.

And that's the important thing I want you to take away from this: DON'T stick to something you don't love if it doesn't resonate with you. If it doesn't speak to your heart and head, and doesn't influence your actions, do yourself a favour and walk away. Even if it means leaving everyone else behind to forge your own path. It's a waste of time and energy - which could be spent somewhere must more relevant and purposeful.

I left that seminar and travelled home with my nose in T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of a Millionaire Mind which had a massive impact on me - which I wouldn't have benefitted from if I has stuck around to make it through the seminar.

So, get out there and get a taste of everything you can. Try a new podcast, course or book with an open mind. If it works, great! If it doesn’t, walk away and try something else.

Remember, if you are not 100% in, you will get 0% out!


Not everything will work for you … and that’s OK!

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