Purpose in life. You have one. I have one. 

But maybe you aren't aware of yours yet or you cannot clearly define it yet. (I can help you to pinpoint yours with coaching - find out more here.)


Realising your life's purpose usually happens like an A-Ha moment; a moment of super-bright clarity which changes your life forever. 

My passions for words and personal development, my love of gaining and sharing knowledge, and the rewards of  helping others revealed my life purpose to me.

What you are passionate about, what you feel compelled to do, and what you value most, are important questions to answer to help you clarify your purpose. 

There is no magical journey you must go on to 'find' your purpose, although the journey your life has taken you on so far can help. Your unconscious mind already knows what your purpose is and every day it directs you along a path in line with it. It is your conscious mind that's a little behind in relaying your purpose to you.

Everything about you is constantly evolving and the journey of personal development is a celebration and realisation of that. Your life purpose, like your passions and tastes, change as you do. Over time your priorities change, your values shift, and your purpose does too. You'll find that as you get older, the more clearly defined your purpose in life becomes. 

Do you know what your purpose in life is? What are your passions? How does the knowledge of your purpose - or lack of knowledge - shape your daily life, affect the decisions you make, and the opportunities you seize? Feel free to share your passions and life purpose with me in the comments below - and if you need help pinpointing your purpose please consider coaching with me.

It's a great moment when you realise what your purpose is. One that you will cherish forever.

Your Passions Will Reveal Your Purpose

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