I'm a planning addict, so it'll be little surprise to know that I love finding out about how other people do it. From drooling over beautiful BuJo spreads, to coveting minimalist lists, and trying techniques others swear by.

And it's a planning technique used by John T Meyer (CEO of Lemonly) that caught my interest enough to share.

John practices '8 for the day' consisting of listing 6 business things to do and 2 personal things to do for each week day. These are the top things that need to be completed that day.

The next day, prior to starting to write down that day's 8 things, he crosses off those he completed yesterday. Those not completed get reassessed and rescheduled or dropped.

On Saturdays, the ratio is reversed and fun is prioritised - 6 personal items and 2 business items. On Sundays fun and rest take over completely and there is no list at all.

Tasks can be anything - from high priority items to the mundane errands of life - and to be honest, most of my personal ones during the week are the latter. The only criteria for each list item is that it must be high-priority or must-get-done's.

I liked the simplicity of John's approach - and find it very similar to my own Post it approach (which I shared with you last week). It also has a little bit of structure helping to prioritise the tasks in both life areas - business and personal - and keep you focused on the end game, aka your vision.

For those of you who struggle with a large daily to do list or for those of you who need to learn to prioritise better, this approach is really useful. It gives you boundaries but they're not so tight you don't want to give it a try, and it gets you thinking about what the most important things are. It gets your decision making muscle working too!

So, why not give it a try? For the next 7 days, work on your 8 for the day. And don't forget to let me know how you got on in the comments below.

Daily Plan Peek: John T Meyer’s 8 for the Day

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