Depending on when you start your week, Friday could be the end of it for you. Maybe it's Saturday, or like me Sunday might be the day that closes out the week. Whichever day you choose, something really useful to do is to review the closing week. Think of it like a mini version of an annual review.

Your weekly review will want to answer these 2 simple questions:
1) What went well this week or what did I achieve/complete?
2) What didn’t go so well or what did I not complete/get around to doing? (remember, progress can only be made with honesty)

Reviewing your week past can help you to plan the week ahead. An important step to managing your time and energy in the most productive way possible, and to keep you on track to achieve your goals.

This is a great little exercise to do in your (bullet) journal or personal development notebook.

If like me, you sometimes need a bit more clarity or feel you have more to celebrate or more to improve upon, you may find some additional questions helpful.

Here are some additional questions you may find useful when completing a weekly review:

  • Biggest achievement?
  • Most memorable moment from the week? (I like this one because it sets up a trail of memories to cherish throughout the year)
  • What did you learn this week?
  • What did you read this week that made an impact on you or showed you something you wish to implement?
  • What goals or commitments did you work towards this week?
  • Did any obstacles prevent you from doing something this week? How did you overcome them?

Taking the time to review and reflect on the past week will not only help you to plan the week ahead but it will also maintain momentum towards goals and commitments, and help you manage your time by consciously choosing what you spend it on.

I have created two FREE worksheets for you to complete your weekly review on. The standard version featu
res the two important questions only. The extended version features the additional questions.


Review Your Week to Maintain High Productivity and Track your Progress towards Success

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