I want to share a tool I use to keep me focused, on track to achieve my goals and to boost my productivity. I haven't seen anyone else do this or anything like this so I feel you are really going to benefit 🙂 (If you do know of someone doing this or something like this, I would love to hear from you about it - email me here or comment below)

So, what is my secret trick to my productivity? I call it a NOW board. Here's an old one to show you:

I have this up on the wall of my office and it tells me what I am currently working on, what I want to do in the future (long term and short) and what is actively running but doesn't need much attention, eg. mail lists, freebies and sign ups.

This simple tool keeps me focused and working hard, it keeps me motivated to achieve my NOW tasks and it gets me excited about the LATER things I am going to be doing.

The LATER's also keep me aligned with my vision at all times and by having a maximum of 3 NOW's it keeps me prioritising and only working on the high value things that will turn my vision into a reality. (If you are interested in finding out more about how to create a big and bold vision to guide your life and keep you moving forward towards success, ask me about my FREE Vision Building mini course here)

I redo this board every time I achieve a NOW goal, when it can move to ACTIVE if they are running in the background or simply be ticked off as completed. The LATER tasks with the highest priority move up and become the NOWs. My vision helps me to determine which tasks take priority and align with my long term goals.

This is a simple but really effective tool that really works for me. It is a constant reminder of the active past, present and future goals I have and keeps my vision alive and visible. It's a massive motivator seeing it all laid out so simply every time I wander past my desk.

If you fancy trying a new approach, why not give this a try? I have created a WORKSHEET VERSION of my NOW Board here for you to use. Go on. Give it a test run and see how it works for you. You never know, you may have discovered the next secret to massive action and achievement of your goals.


My Super-Secret Simple Tool for Effective Goal Management and Maximising Productivity

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