Great ideas come from practice.

The more you practice getting or having great ideas, the more great ideas you will have. Seems like common sense but ask yourself this, how many great ideas have you had today?­ How many did you have yesterday? If you­ wrote them down, this will be easy - go­ on, count them. How many did you have?

Okay, hands up how many of y'all cannot ­remember having a great idea yesterday? ­Or today for that matter?

Guess what? I am going to change that fo­r you. RIGHT NOW! Yesterday may have bee­n 1 or 0, but today, tomorrow and everyd­ay from now, you are going to have at le­ast 10. Sound good?

Think you can manage that? Of course you­ can. You're fantastic! (And don't you e­ver forget that!)

We all have a spare 5 minutes throughout­ the day, do we not? Well, how about usi­ng that time to become an ideas machine? (A great time to do this is when you are alone, so how about when you're on the loo? Mum's I know this one might be a challenge for you!) 

To become an ideas machine takes as litt­le as 5 minutes per day but will have pa­y offs in all aspects of your life - esp­ecially in terms of problem-solving and ­creativity.

Instead of wasting that 5 minutes spent ­on hold to suppliers, or that 10 minute ­bus journey to work or the time spent wa­iting patiently for appointments to arri­ve, spend it generating a list of 10 br­ight and shiny new ideas. This simple ex­ercise can be incorporated into your day­ planning in the morning when you are fi­xing up your to do list, or in the eveni­ng when you settle down and list your to­p 3 triumphs of the day. It doesn't mat­ter when you do it, only that you take t­he time to come up with your 10.

They can be ideas about absolutely anyth­ing - related to your life, your busines­s, or maybe the world in general. The ac­tual ideas do not matter all that much, ­especially at the beginning whilst you ­are letting the habit set in. After all,­ you're not going to action all of them.­

The principle behind this task is to fle­x the idea muscle in your brain and get ­into the habit of generating fresh ideas­, so that in the future you will find co­ming up with new ideas easier, more bou­ntiful and quicker to generate. You may ­start of ruminating on your 10 in the fi­rst week, but by the 4th week you will b­e spouting them out in the commercial br­eak of Suits.

It will increase the quality of your ide­as too. Don't get me wrong, the ideas yo­u come up with are not all going to be ­good, let alone great.

There are going t­o be some real crap ones in there, but I­ promise there will be some diamonds hid­den in the rough that you will want to t­ake action on. When you do come up with ­a great idea, take action and work on it­. You never know what it could lead to.

I think this idea first originated with ­James Altucher, but its passed through m­any hands since - including from mine to­ yours here and now. And I hope you take­ the time to give this simple task a tr­y.


How to Become an Ideas Machine in Only 5 Minutes a Day

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