Today I want to share with you how to repurpose a common business tool for your personal development use, and it continues the theme of finding your strengths and weaknesses so you can use them to your advantage. 

You may have already heard of a SWOT analysis. It's a common planning tool used to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a project. Once you know the objective you can use the SWOT analysis to look at various factors - internal and external - to see if it's likely that objective will be achieved.

The SWOT analysis can also be used on you, and is a handy tool to have in your personal development toolbox.

Using the SWOT analysis you can pinpoint your strengths so you can maximise them. You can reveal your weaknesses so you know what to work on. You can also uncover opportunities that you can grab with both hands and run with, whilst also looking out for threats that could make life challenging.

Doing a SWOT analysis on your life - in individual areas or in in general - now and again can really help you to get clarity on your position now and in the foreseeable future, and show clearly what needs to be done. It can help you to see and rectify problems before they take hold and gain a greater perspective on your life.

I have created a simple worksheet for you to download and print here, so you can SWOT yourself! And I recommend that you at least give it a try.

To SWOT yourself, all you need to do is to write down the goal or objective you are trying to achieve, read through the questions below and fill out the worksheet with your answers.

Simple but so useful.


  • What are your key values?
  • What do you value that others don't, or don't appear to?
  • What are your top qualities?
  • What do you do best, better than anyone else?
  • What do other people come to you for advice or guidance about? What do other people seek from you?
  • What are your are your top achievements?
  • What are your top 'CV' points? These are your skills, your trainings and certifications, your educational background, and your networks and connections.
  • What is your network like? What connections do you have? Do you have some High Achievers in your Circle of Influence?


  • What are your negative habits?
  • What are your negative qualities or traits?
  • What do you avoid doing because you are not good at it?
  • Do you have any areas of your life where you feel you have hit a wall or are held
    back from excelling?
  • What do other people see as your weak areas? Or what do other people do better than you?
  • Do you have any educational or 'CV' weak areas?


  • What contacts or connections in your network could help you moving forward?
  • What new technology or Internet resource can help you to move forward?
  • Can you see potential to move forward in your career or business areas? If so, specify. For instance, could you move into a new market, solve a new problem for customers, take advantage of a competitors weakness or grow your existing client base in some way.
  • What personal strengths can you maximise and take advantage of moving forward?
  • What personal weaknesses could you improve or eliminate to help you move forward?
  • Consider some of these Opportunities for forward growth:
    Networking or masterminding groups and events
    Coaching, mentoring, or accountability partnerships
    Courses, seminars or conferences.
    Internships, work experience or taster days
    A new job, sector or business


  • What weaknesses can you see as becoming problematic for your forward growth?
  • What obstacles or challenges are you currently facing? Or can see yourself facing in the near future?
  • Is there anyone or anything challenging your position, approach or expertise in any life areas?
  • Is anything changing in your life that could be problematic for your forward growth now or in the near future?

If you find this useful, tell me about it in the comments below, or head over to my Facebook page and tell me there. I love hearing from you all, and don't forget to share this with your friends too.


SWOT Analysis for your Personal Development

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