Last week, I was listening to one of my favourite podcasts - Natural Born Coaches - and speaker, author and coach, Brad Raney shared his approach to his day.

I have a great interest in other ways of doing things and I like to share what works for me with you. I have also spoken about my own approach using the Post It trick but I'm always looking to mix it up and discover new things.

Brad's approach is really very simple. And as you know, I like that. That's probably why I was drawn to roadtesting it in the first place. Why make something complicated when it doesn't need to be, eh?

Brad's approach to the day consists of 3 things:
1. Do something for yourself.
2. Do something for someone else.
3. Do something that needs doing.

How simple is that? And guess what, it's effective too. Sticking to such a small number of things to do means that you are only focusing on and completing the tasks that have the highest priority - those tasks that have the biggest pay offs long-term for their completion.

Using this approach means you're getting the work done but you are also looking after yourself because you are taking time to indulge. I found number 1 acts like a reward for doing number 3 ... and number 2, if you need a bit more reinforcement. You should be working rewards into your day anyway to show appreciation to yourself for a job well done when you check something off your to do list, and this simple approach to your day builds that in as a necessary step.

But, what I also like about this approach is that you cannot be wholly selfish. In there at number 2 it says 'do something for someone else', and how many of you have something like that on your daily to do list? I'm guessing not many of you actively seek such selfless opportunities. I'm pretty sure I don't on a daily basis. The necessary gets done but the optional ... not so much. Does that ring some bells with you too?

After just a few days of implementing this approach, it's clear that you feel happier and very proud of your selfless acts, even if they're small like holding a door open for another person. You seem to become more grateful and seek out opportunities to help out more. You look to do nice things that most of us sometimes forget to focus on in the busy daily grind.

All in all, this is a great approach to your day and one we can all learn from - to be more selfless and help others beyond the necessary. I recommend you give it a try and see if it works for you. I did and I will definitely be working in more selfless acts in the future.

Brad Raney’s “3 Things”: A Selfless Way to Manage Your Day
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