The other night, I was laying in bed trying to read a gory Chris Carter novel but I was struggling to focus on the words in front of me. My brain was on autopilot; but instead of switching off it seemed to be sparking better than it had all day. Without even trying, I suddenly got clarity on a problem I had been pondering for months and I was starting to build a plan of action that I couldn’t wait to start as a result.

This happens all the time. I’m winding down with a good book, snug between the covers, when … boom! … I’m reaching for the notepad beside my bed and shaking off the sleepy feeling I was hoping would soon take me over. My Kindle tossed aside barely 2 pages on from where I started.

Have you noticed that as you are settling down to sleep or when you are away on holiday that you get some of your clearest thoughts and best ideas? 

Suddenly you have clarity on a problem that has been bothering you for ages, or you have a stream of ideas for titles for your new book, or you start planning out your next video series because you’ve been seized by a fresh idea you think people will enjoy. 

Have you also noticed that if you don’t write them down there and then, they have disappeared by the morning?

When you are settling down to sleep or you are enjoying the freedom from life that a holiday provides, your brain is relaxed. It’s not being overloaded with random information, shopping lists, and the other chaos of daily life. The dust has settled for the day and suddenly you can see clearly. By the time you wake up, your brain is starting to cloud again, leaving you kicking yourself for not writing down those thoughts from the night before. All you can remember now is that they were bloody good thoughts and you missed out on them, making a sad start to your day.

So, my #HotTip for you is to keep a notepad and pen beside your bed or in your bag to catch those thoughts when they pop up, before they disappear - possibly never to be thought again. 

Don’t miss out because you were too lazy to lean over and quickly scribble these golden nuggets down before you drop off into that much needed Great Sleep.

Hot Tip: Always have a Notebook to Hand

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