Do you believe in yourself?
Do you believe that you can achieve our vision for your life?
If you do not answer YES automatically, you will struggle to achieve anything. That's if you get started at all.

That is because the beliefs you hold - not just about yourself, but about everything - are fundamental to your success. Your beliefs are truly powerful because what you believe in 100% will come true, and what you don't, won't.

You have the power to create your future. But you need to believe you can to be successful.

You've probably heard the Henry Ford quote, 'Whether you think you can or not, you're right'? Well, it applies to life. It's not just some nice little meme you've seen on Facebook. It is a FACT!

Your thoughts and the beliefs are the deciding factor as to whether you achieve that beautifully shiny and detailed vision of your future or not, because your actions are physical representations of those thoughts and beliefs. Positive AND negative.

If you believe that you are going to become a success in all areas of your life (whatever that means to you personally) and you can vividly see this in your mind, it's likely you will get to live it. You'll work hard to make it happen because you are motivated by the end results you can already see.

However, if you believe luck and other outside forces have a bigger input that you do on whether or not you achieve your vision, you will not put in 110% and you'll become discouraged. Eventually you will give up and you will never reach your full potential.

So, I'll ask you again.
Do you think you can do it? Do you think you can turn your dreams into reality?
Again, if you cannot wholeheartedly scream 'HELL YES!' in response you need to uncover and change your limiting beliefs, or settle once again for less than your true potential.

Limiting beliefs are a pain in the a*** but everyone has them. Even super-successful people such as Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and Oprah had limiting beliefs. Did you notice the key word there? HAD. You can reprogram your mind for success, just like they did, and reap the benefits of doing so for the rest of your life.

Here are two simple ways to help you to begin to uncover and change your limiting beliefs:

  1. Affirmations are a good place to start when it comes to changing your beliefs. Creating clear and specific new beliefs to replace the old ones through repetition and visualisation, is not only simple, it is effective. There are many different ways to go about writing affirmations but I use a tried and tested method bestowed upon me by super-successful Hal Elrod (of The Miracle Morning). You can find out more about his technique here.
  2. Doing simple exercises such as 'I am ...' and 'Money is ...' brainstorms allow you to uncover beliefs you may not know you held, especially the limiting ones you learned as a child that no longer benefit you. You will also uncover or re-discover the positive ones you hold about a given concept which you can use to eliminate your limiting ones and boost your confidence. (You can download a FREE worksheet for the 'I am' exercise mentioned, here.)

Next time I ask you 'Do you think you can turn wildest dreams into reality?' I know you are going to shout 'HELL, YES!' back.


Self Belief WILL Ensure your Success

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