When did you last take a rest day?

When did you last schedule a time out for yourself?

Our lives are busy, busy, busy. We are always on the go; always doing something. But one thing we are not doing regularly is having some down time. Instead we are working ourselves into the ground and feeling the singeing of impending burn-out.

You don't really need me to tell you how very important rest and relaxation are - for mental wellbeing, for productivity, for happiness, for everything. But you do need me to tell you to TAKE A BREAK. Go on, grab your planner and and SCHEDULE ONE NOW! 

You cannot play at the top of your game, be the best mother and wife, or work effectively without replenishing yourself regularly. I want you to be a full glass of water, NOT a half empty one!

Taking a break doesn't need to be hours (although I recommend at least one day per week to chill), you can catch a refreshing breath throughout the day. Get up a little earlier and invigorate your body and mind with a little yoga or mediation, turn your phone off and get out of the office during your lunch break to indulge in some sunny vitamin D and some fresh mind-clearing air, and when you get home from work allow yourself 15 minutes of silence to adjust from work life to home life so you can give your loved ones your full attention.

As someone who has burnt out completely, take it from me that this is something you NEED to do. Not just for your physical wellbeing but your emotional and mental wellbeing as well. I'd even say your spiritual wellbeing would benefit from a time-out too.

It's not just important to rest and have quality time with loved ones, time away from anything is an important strategy to boost productivity and keep you on track to goal and commitment success when you return.

A break allows you to dust yourself off, shake out the cobwebs and clear away any blocks you have been fighting against in terms of motivation, dedication and problem solving. You are guaranteed to come back from a break with fresh eyes, a new perspective, improved vigour and greater clarity.

Your success needs a break. A break through, not a break down. So, schedule yourself a time-out today and reap the benefits it brings.


Take a Break. Your Success Depends on it!

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