Did you know...
spending 15 minutes a day, 5 times a week, working on a goal equates to 65 hours in a year?

Ok, be honest guys, who was a little scared but amazed by that fact? Yeah, I was when I first heard it too. And hands up who got their calculator out to check if what I said was true? Yeah, I did too.

One of the biggest things people complain about is not having enough TIME.

How many times have you used the age-old excuse 'I don't have enough time for that'? If we were all honest about it, we have probably used it hundreds of times, and you could probably recall the last time you used it.

One of the biggest things I have learnt, and share with my coaching clients - and now with you - is time is not found. It's made. 

We are all given the same 24 hours and yet some people take full advantage of every useful minute whilst others get lost in overwhelm as it flies past them. 

How we use our time should be consciously chosen, and not be spent reacting to things as we go along. Consciously deciding to spend 15 minutes on a goal or gaining a new skill is a great way to start being more time aware, and does wonders for your goal achievements. Want to learn a new language? Spend your 15 minutes studying with Duolingo. Want to learn how to cook? Treat yourself to a copy of Jamie Oliver's '15 Minute Meals' and get in the kitchen. Want to write a book? Grab a notepad or open up Pages and see how many words you can knock out in 15 minutes.

Everyone CAN find 15 minutes in a day to do something they want to do if they choose to - and if they still maintain that they cannot, they should evaluate whether it is a priority for them. It's easy to make time for things that matter the most to us, so ask yourself if it matters to you or not.

People tend to underestimate what they can achieve or get done in a just 15 minutes. I have lost count of the number of people who come back with 'whats the point? 15 minutes isn't long enough to get anything done' or something similar before they have even tried. The best part is when they come back to me having tried 15 minutes of something, they are amazed at what they could get done, and they are filled with renewed vigour for achievement. All of them thanking me for making such a simple suggestion that has had massive impact on their daily lives.

Now is the time to take back control of the clock, your passions and your personal development, and find out just how much you can accomplish in only 15 minutes a day.

If you do nothing else this year, spend 15 minutes 5 days a week (you can still keep your weekends free and clear if you like) working on one of your goals and see just how far you get as the weeks roll by. You WILL be amazed.

This simple decision to consciously spend time on something you want will work wonders and inspire you to spend 15 minutes or more on other things too. It will change your perspective on time and you will be loathe to waste any    you have - even those snippets between other things, e.g. bus rides, waiting for appointments, and waiting for the dinner to cook.

Don't forget, those 15 minutes may seem small, even near pointless, today but at the end of the year you will have spent 65 hours consciously working towards your success, and you will probably have achieved a goal or 2 along the way.

So, how will you spend your 15 minutes today? What will you learn? Feel free to share with me and everyone else in the comments below.


15 Minutes is All You Need to Achieve your Goals

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