I'm a list addict. You'll know this if you follow my Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/glvenn) or Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/litchickuk) and have seen my Bullet Journal. Nothing is as simple nor more productive than having a to do list. Ticking off the things you've done throughout the day gives you a natural high that many of you are addicted to just like me.

But your to do list can have blank spaces where ticks should be, and they don't keep track of everything you do throughout the day - like the mundane things, the things you do every day, and the small things that crop up as you do something else.

And that is where a Did List can come into play.

At the end of the day, simply write down EVERYTHING you did throughout the day - no matter how small. Not only will this highlight just how much you get done in one day - even on those lazy days - but it can also motivate you to crack on the next day, boost your confidence, AND give you a happiness hit at the sight of your productiveness on paper.

Many successful people around the world keep a Did List - and they can't all be wasting their time can they?!

Let me give you an example. This is a copy of my Did List for a lazy day from early last year, just before my daughter was born. There is also a note in caps at the top stating this was written at 6.30pm so there was still time to add stuff on!
- sorted through paperwork, decluttered, rearranged and tidied my home office
- sorted through paperwork, junk and toys, rearranged and tidied the family room (as best as I could when your 'helpful' toddler is close behind undoing it all!)
- cooked a healthy lunch and dinner from scratch for my son
- cooked a healthy dinner from scratch for myself and Hubby
- walked to the post office in town (20 mins - and back again) to mail a parcel
- browsed and bought two new books in a charity shop
- rearranged and tidied our excessive DVD collection
- completed a Google docs for Nano Kent that I have been meaning to do for ages
- started to get used to my new Macbook and started setting it up with relevant programs I need
- bathed, dressed and settled in bed my son
- started to declutter and tidy areas of the kitchen
- two loads of laundry
- one dishwasher load
- writing and editing a blog post

Productive right? Even though half of those things weren't on my to do list because they are daily necessary's? I may have missed a couple of things off my to-do list for today but I can reschedule them for tomorrow and still be proud of all I have accomplished today. I'm not disappointed because I am focusing on the positive rather than fixating on the negative - and that is why this works!

It feels great seeing all I have accomplished laid out like this every evening. It's motivating, confidence-boosting, and fills me with a great sense of pride.

Writing a daily Did List is an excellent habit for success you can build into your evening routine, alongside your journalling. And for all those Bujo-er's like me out there, you know you want another list! 😉

Go on, give it a try today!

The Did List: A Simple Way to Track Your Success

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