If there is one piece of advice I could give you about being as productive as possible and managing your time as well as you can, it would be to always keep Parkinson's Law in mind. It will change your life - trust me, because it has had  profound effect on mine.

So what is Parkinson's Law?

Parkinson's Law is short and sweet. It states that "work expands to fill the time available for its completion."

It is a really simple premise but it has massive outward implications.

I came across Parkinson's Law for the first time when reading 'The 4 Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss a couple of months ago. It was the single biggest takeaway I got from that bestseller, (the rest could be condensed into 2 words: outsource it!)  And it is something that has affected how I work and organise my time ever since. 

Let's have a closer look at Parkinson's Law. Work expands to fill the time you give it, so if you had to write a blog post (of about 200-500 words) and you allowed yourself 3 hours to write it then that is how long it would take. But you could also give the same task 30 minutes, and achieve the same results. Now, which one would you prefer?

It wasn't something I had ever considered before but if I wanted to complete something, giving it a shorter duration until deadline would give me the same results (if not better) than if I gave it 'percolating time' - you know, the time for it to creatively breathe and for the ideas to come to me. Before this point I was a 'percolator'. However this simple age-old law has shaken up my mindset. I didn't want to wait for the ideas to come to me, I wanted to get out there and create them - or grab them as they passed by.

Time is precious, right? We have a finite amount of it and we need to do what we can to maximise it. Here is the key to it all: Parkinson's law.

With Parkinson's Law in mind, you can create vastness in a short space of time - and not scrimp on quality either. Some of the highest achievers and successful people in the world agree that their best work is created with a little healthy pressure or more extremely, when their nose is to the grindstone of a short deadline

And I can confirm this personally too. I created my popular Vision Building email course in 4 weeks - that's from idea to first sign ups. I have written books in weekends - my first, most notably was written in less than 24 hours. All of which, have had rave reviews and many great comments despite being created in hours rather than months and years. I also time block all blog posts at a mere 30 minutes - including editing time - and Google Analytics tells me you enjoy those!

Go on, give Parkinson's Law a try. Use it for a few small things to see your own results, then ramp it up and set yourself a short deadline on something bigger. See what you can achieve when you set your mind - and the clock - to it.

I guarantee that once you get a taste of the things you can achieve in little time, you will never drag anything out ever again. You'll be a productive, time effective machine!


Parkinson’s Law: The Only Thing You NEED to Know About Productivity and Time Management

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