Stop Blocking Yourself! CHOOSE to GROW and REAP the SUCCESS that Follows
One of the first questions I ask my clients when we start working together is:
‘So, why are you not Living the Life you Love already? Why are you not living your dreams?'
Now I have heard a wealth of excuses (and yes, that is what they are!) in response to this but there is one that bugs be more than most:
‘… but … goal setting is boring!'
It’s a success killer on par with ‘I know that already! and 'I can't be arsed!
Picture this.
Amy works in a dead-end retail job. She gets paid minimum wage and ha506836156s a 0-hour contract. When work call, she goes in, no matter what she was doing otherwise. She is regularly abused by customers and works under a power-hungry manager desperate to prove herself at the expense of others. She is unhappy, skint, and she is tired all the time. 
But Amy has a degree in business and communication, enjoys learning languages, and is passionate about world travel. She went to uni with the dreams living in Singapre and holding a top-level position within a financial institution’s Chinese division. Instead she left uni £,000’s in debt, a jaded attitude and no interviews lined up for graduate positions. 
Amy continued working in the job she took to support herself during her studies which she hates, stayed living at home with her parents, and spent most of her money on short-term fun such as drunken nights out, and throwaway clothes. 
One day Amy came across a Facebook Ad tat had her intrigued: Learn how to Achieve Anything and Begin to Live your Dreams RIGHT NOW. Clicking the link she comes to a webinar info page for a goal setting workshop, and she immediately stops reading. ‘Argh! Goal setting … its just so dull! This isn’t for me after all,’ she thinks and spends the next few hours watching YouTube videos before going to work until 10pm.
This story is so common. I see it all the time, and it makes me sad. In this scenario Amy WANTS MORE for her life and was open to learning and improving herself, but she BLOCKED HER OWN SUCCESS when she walked away from an opportunity that would take up only 1-hour of her time because she perceived the content to be 'boring'. She thought she knew it all already and therefore would not learn anything. She would rather waste her precious time watching videos of cats falling out of trees and stay in a happiness-killing job where she was undervalued and underpaid, than take a step towards Living a Life she Loved all because she thought goal setting was boring!
Am I the only one this sounds silly to?!
Goal setting is NOT boring if you have a clear and vivid vision of WHAT you are creating for your life, and know your deepest WHY for doing so. Goal setting is NOT boring if you are PASSIONATE about LIVING the LIFE you LOVE rather than settling into the absurd mundanity of your current situation. Goal setting is NOT boring when its done right!
But I understand why so many people walk away on the cusp of great change because it happens all the time - and because I was just like Amy. Ultimately, it’s easier to stay the same rather than change. Change is seen as ‘effort’ and the majority feel they lack the energy to act. And then the fears start to creep in - of success, of failure, of bad things happening, etc. When you see yourself in Amy's story (or have a similar story of your own) it takes courage to stand up against the ‘norm’ of everyone around you, to demand MORE from LIFE and to take uncomfortable action towards LIVING a LIFE you LOVE. Are you ready to stand against the tide and fight for the life you are capable of? Better yet, the life you deserve?
If you WANT to MAKE CHANGES in your life you NEED to be prepared to get uncomfortable and HUSTLE. Remember, short term pain = long term gains. Isn’t a fulfilling life filled with SUCCESS worth a little discomfort?!
Say YES to your SUCCESS and get uncomfortable to create the RESULTS you want. Do it today! Your future self will thank you for it.
Stop Blocking Yourself! CHOOSE to GROW and REAP the SUCCESS that Follows
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