I am so lucky because I get to help Mama’s reconnect with their passions in life. The things they used to love doing maybe that #mumlife has put on the shelf for later, or find the time to discover some new things they’ve felt called to.

There are so many ways that you can use to elicit your passions in life and today I want to share with you the 3 questions I get my clients to answer at the very beginning of this process.

Before I dive in, I want to say a few things … important things you need to know beforehand …

** Your passions may not make a song-and-dance about themselves. There may not be a grand ‘aha moment’. Sometimes our passions are quiet and sometimes they shout … so if you’re expecting a fanfare revelation on par with lie detector results on some chat show, then you may be disappointed.

** Your passions may not (well, usually I find, they’re very much not) your job or current career path. And whilst that can be scary to admit, it’s really freeing to know you can walk away and create the path that does light you and your passions up.

** You may not be exceptionally skilled at your passion. You can have a full-on passion for art but when it comes to creating it you may just be okay at it. This is good because you get to work on it and. Become even more passionate about it. It will also help you to explore ways to fulfil your passion but in ways outside of the norm … start an art gallery, work with a charity to help kids cope with trauma through art, etc. Just because you love art doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create it.

So, with those important points made, here are 3 scenario-based questions to start you on the path to living a passion-fuelled life. Get your journal out, carve out some quiet time and get scribbling all that comes up for you … and remember, as always, the deeper you dig into yourself the greater the connection and the clearer your passions (and reasons behind them) will become. 

** You’re creating a beautiful book nook in your home with a comfy window seat and walls lined with books. What books do you choose to surround yourself with in this space? What subject(s) could you read 500 books on and never ever get bored? Which books could you read over and over again, as if they were the only ones left in the world?

** You’ve been set up for life. You have a fully-paid off home, a billion £$ in the bank and all the free time you’ve ever craved … so what do you spend your time doing every day? Your needs have all been catered for and all your bills paid … what do you do merely for the pure enjoyment of doing them do you do to pass the time?

** Step back in time, to somewhere between the ages of 7 and 11. You’ve got a whole weekend ahead of you in your fave season. What are the things you want to do over that weekend? What do you ask Mum and Dad to help you fulfil? Do you want them to drive you to the beach? Hire a cabin on the lake so you can swim and catch bugs? What does your young self really want to do?

Your passions are always with you. And the truest ones never change and remain constant companions from when you were little until you’re an incontinent 90-year old.

They’re not always the most exciting things (to some people – but they don’t matter anyway!) but they’re exciting to you.

They fill you will happiness, joy and a sense of fulfilment and pride. 

When you can discover those things that really and truly light you up, thats when your best life can truly begin. 

Life is too short to live in any other way but passion-fuelled …

If you would like further help to uncover your passions and purpose in life, and how to seize upon them to create a fulfilling, authentic life of greatness, you have 2 options …

  1. Join my community group of Mama’s on their own paths to MORE in life and take part in my upcoming TASTER COURSE starting JUNE 4TH. I will be leading you through some exercise to tap into your passions, your life purpose and your high calling over 3 days. It’s going to be EPIC! Fuck, it’ll be LIFE CHANGING!
  2. Drop me an email to find out more about 1:1 coaching with me or visit my coaching page here. I have a new revised pricing scheme so even the tightest budgets can experience the benefits and greatness of working with ME, an experienced life coach and certified NLP practitioner.
3 Things You NEED to know about your Passions in Life … & 3 Questions to Elicit them

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