Mama, are you stuck creating your vision for an #amazeballslife?

Well, let me help you to get started with a few journal prompts...


Here are 4 simple questions to help you gain some clarity around some of the things you wish to BE, DO and HAVE in your life in the future. Sit down with yourself, think about what you want and don't want in each of these areas and see what comes up for you

... and remember, the devil is in the details so GET SPECIFIC about what you DO crave!


** Who are you?

Think about your views, values, motivations, your character, your perceptions of others and of yourself, how you act, how you look, and what you focus on.


** What you do?

How do you spend your time - work and play? What do you enjoy doing and how often do you do it? What have you given up doing - and who does it now?


**Whats your money situation like?

How much do you earn? How do you earn it? How do you spend it? How much do you save? Do you have a pension? Mortgage? Are your bills up to date and are you debt-free?


** Where do you live?

What do you live in? Do you own it? Do you live there all year? Do you have anywhere else you spend time? Whats the town/city/village like? Whats the environment like - the weather etc.


If you're still a bit overwhelmed by it all Mama, and want some 1:1 guidance and coaching in this area, (I even have a specific session for this ... my 90-minute Vision Building Intensive) drop me PM over on FB or click here to send me an email direct. 

Your Badass Coach,


4 Questions to Help Elicit your Vision of an #amazeballslife

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