In the past month I've been having panic attacks again 🙁
It's not really surprising when you look at what we have been through as a family and a couple these past few months (by the way ... cancer can suck it!).
But I've not been running and hiding ... and thats where told story ends.
Like everything else right now, I'm staying grounded in my mountain power and making the problems go round ME.
I lost years of my life because I let it all overflow into my life ... drowning me under the weight of it all. Until one day I caught my breath, broke the surface back into the light and refused to let it drag me under into the darkness again.
Now I have coping strategies and have a full awareness and understanding that I have I choice.
I can choose to give in to my anxiety and be reduced to a sweaty mess on the floor of life ...
OR ...
I can choose to take a stand and say 'no more'.
And the thing that helps me do this the most ... a simple but powerful question I ask myself when I feel the claws of panic try to bring me down ... WHAT'S THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN?
Because if you can face the worst in your mind (and we all know how much of a drama llama your ego can be!), youll have no problem surviving this little bump in the road. Because that is all that it is ... a little bump.
Instead of fighting those feelings of sweaty palms, a swirly head (sadly not caused by a shirtless David Beckham!) and deafening pulsation in your ears, choose to take a stand. To say with certainty 'I surrender because the worst that can happen really isnt that bad, so bring it!!'
And it's that simple realisation, that powerful truth, which opens the pressure valve lets the panic dissipate.
And that's why having a few small panic attacks isnt a big deal anymore. Because I am in control and I can take it back with one simple thought.
How powerful is that?!
Who's ready to kick anxiety and panic out of their lives from this point on? Are you ready to take control back in your life and mind?
Because YOU CAN!
If you want to 🙂
And if you'd like a few more tips on overcoming your anxiety ... check out the LIVE my beautiful client Claire Tully did recently 🙂 Check it out here: 🙂
Overcome Panic Attacks with this 1 Simple Question 🙂

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