Hi! I'm Gemma and I help women to live authentic lives!

Women come to me when they need a helping hand with ...

  • 'finding' their lost identity, passions and purpose.
  • healing their past so they can live fully in the present and create great a future.
  • embracing their multifaceted, unique true selves with confidence and strength.

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So ...

... if you're a mum who feels overlooked by everyone, and wants to step up and out of being JUST 'Tommy's Mum' without guilt ... I can help you do that.

... if you're carrying too much pain from your past (maybe even childhood issues) and you're not living a fully-present positive life with your family and friends, nor creating an amazing future on your own terms ... I can help you to heal your past and step into your Greatness.

... if you're afraid to be yourself in anyway, no matter how big or small, because you feel you'll be criticised or judged by others ... I can help you not give a fuck!


I spent a long time dragging baggage from my past into my present and allowed it to stifle any kind of growth towards greatness. I too felt sidelined by my kids and hated not being recognised as a person. And I spent years trying to fit the mould but never got it to sit right - just like you.

I know what you are going through. I have been there. 

But most importantly, I moved past it all. I embraced my multifaceted self and stepped up into the light as my true and powerful self ...



If you are ready to live your Authentic Life ...

  1. Join The Greatness Library, where you'll find a wealth of FREE resources to help you get started ... and more get added regularly.
  2. Become an empowered member of The Greatness Academy community on Facebook. There are over 200 women just like you getting support and guidance from me to help them to create Greatness in there own lives. There are also giveaways, 5-day challenges and LIVE trainings. Ah, the perks of being a Greatness Chaser! 🙂
  3. Find out about 1:1 coaching with me. There is an option to fit EVERY budget and you'll always have me on hand to help you grow and bloom like the beautiful flower you are. I even have FREE sessions available ... check out the FB group for more info.


You CAN live a confident and powerful life of authenticity ... free from past pain, free from the fear of judgement and criticism, and free from the guilt and trappings of traditional roles. 


But WILL you step up and claim your True Self?

Your life is in your hands ... WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH IT? 


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