Hi. I'm Gemma and I am passionate about Personal Development. 
My passion for personal development emerged as a result of hitting rock bottom following a breakdown. I struggled with depression, anxiety, and panic for nearly a year before I realised I was letting these demons win. I was letting them take my life from me, and that wasn't on! That’s when I started to rebuild myself from the ground up. I devoured personal development books, listened to podcasts, and watched the few  programmes there were at the time.
It was clear after a year or so this was not something I would never stop doing. I would always be developing. Evolving. I enjoyed knowing myself deeper than I ever thought possible and I wanted to find out even more about myself. And others.
And that’s when I started helping others using everything I had learnt and tried out on myself first. I started to help people like YOU. Those who want more from themselves and their lives. To be happier, more positive, achieve more, and not be afraid to go after every single goal and dream you have. Those just beginning their journey to personal growth, and those stuck in overwhelm and not knowing where to start or which way to go first.
I started a personal development blog, trained as a life coach, attended seminars hosted by notable figures and speakers, created email courses, and designed many freebies to share with others who were as passionate about their personal development as much as I was.
Helping others with their personal development journey's, especially those new to self growth and those overwhelmed by the wealth of information out there and don't know which way to go, I discovered my true calling. My life's purpose. I had aligned fully with my True Self and the opportunities unfolded all around me as a result.
To date I have helped many people, just like you, to get clear on what they want for their lives and to reach their own versions of success and I hope to help many more, just like you, to do the same in the future.
I have been very lucky to have built a life around my passions, and if I can do it so can YOU. You CAN follow your passions, goals and dreams to create and live a life of fulfilment and success - whatever that may be to you (and if you're not sure what that looks like right now, that's one of the first things we can gain clarity on if you choose to invest in yourself and work with me. To find out more about coaching with me click here).

What's my thing? My essence? What do I do exactly?
Most importantly, what do I help you to do?

Well, I am in the business of:
** Powerful Vision Building for Female Greatness **

I help women in the 2nd quarter of life (that's 25-50 by the way ) to create a powerful and compelling vision of their future which allows them to go forward in alignment with their true self to achieve all they want in a positive and confident manner - either on their own or with my guiding hand.

Some might want more from life - more cash, more freedom, more challenges - and others may desire a simpler, less cluttered but more fulfilling existence. Whatever the future is that you see, that I can help you to distill with greater clarity, I KNOW you can achieve it all with a little hard work, some patience and buckets of persistance.

I know you want a fulfilling and rewarding life that you love waking up to - even on a Monday morning! And I know that you want it all not just for you, but for your kids, partner, and the rest of your loved ones. The best things in life are shared, right?

But right now you are stuck, settled into your comfort zone like the rest of the world around you, but I can see that glint in your eye, that spark of knowing you deserve better, and you are ready and willing to START CREATING THE LIFE YOU LOVE RIGHT NOW!

Is getting a little uncomfortable in the short term better than staying where you are right now, achieving nothing, and denying yourself the Life you deserve? Yeah, I thought so! EMAIL ME DIRECT to start a conversation about what you want in life and let's get you on your path to Greatness

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